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The deadline for SSS Payment contributions has been pushed back to December 29, 2023

The Social Security System (SSS) has set a new deadline for employers to make SSS payment contribution on December 29, 2023. By extending the deadline for payments, businesses will have more time to fulfill their obligations and ensure their employees’ contributions are properly remitted.

Extended Deadline for SSS Payment Contribution

As of recently, the SSS made it clear that companies can now pay the employee contributions for September and October 2023 by December 29, 2023, at the latest. As of November 2023, however, it is important to remember that contribution payments must be made by the usual due date, which is the last day of the following month.

For household employers, the due date for sending in payments for July through September 2023 has also been pushed back to December 29, 2023. From now on, payouts for contributions made after October 2023 should be made by the last day of the month after the relevant month or quarter.

Online Filing and Sickness Notifications

In addition to the extended payment deadline, the SSS has introduced various measures to streamline processes and improve convenience for its members. These initiatives include online filing of disability benefit claims and the submission of sickness notifications for home confinement.

The SSS now allows members to file their disability benefit claims online, eliminating the need for physical submission. This online filing system simplifies the process, reduces paperwork, and expedites the processing of claims. Members can conveniently submit their disability benefit claims through the SSS website, ensuring a smoother experience for both the members and the SSS.

Moreover, the SSS has extended the deadline for the submission of sickness notifications for home confinement. Members who are unable to work due to sickness can file their notifications until December 29, 2023. This extension provides flexibility and ensures that members can properly report their condition, allowing the SSS to provide the necessary benefits and support.

Investment Opportunities for SSS and GSIS

SSS payment contribution

In other updates, the SSS and GSIS have been granted the chance to invest in Maharlika ventures. Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno has voiced his approval of this move, which would enable these government entities to contribute to the country’s infrastructure projects under the Maharlika Fund.

This fund is dedicated to funding a range of infrastructure initiatives across the nation, promoting economic progress and advancement. With the involvement of the SSS and GSIS, these institutions now have a key role in promoting national development through well-planned investments in crucial projects.

The extension of the deadline for SSS payment contribution until December 29, 2023, provides employers and household employers with additional time to fulfill their obligations.

This move supports businesses in ensuring that their employees’ contributions are properly remitted and facilitates a seamless process for both employers and employees.

Furthermore, the SSS’s introduction of online filing for disability benefit claims and the extended deadline for sickness notifications for home confinement enhance convenience and efficiency for its members.

These initiatives showcase the SSS’s commitment to providing accessible and streamlined services to its members.

In parallel, the opportunity for the SSS and GSIS to invest in Maharlika projects presents an avenue for these government entities to contribute to the nation’s infrastructure development.

By participating in strategic investments, the SSS and GSIS can actively support economic growth and progress.

The SSS remains dedicated to serving its members and continuously improving its services. Members are encouraged to stay updated with the latest announcements and take full advantage of the available online platforms for a more convenient and efficient experience with the SSS.

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