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Trek Trendy Net Worth: A Look into the Success of a YouTube Channel

In the vast realm of YouTube content creators, Trek Trendy has made a name for himself with his captivating videos showcasing the luxury and excitement of flying up front on airline premium products.

With a love for travel and an insatiable curiosity for endless destinations, Trek Trendy, also known as Will, embarked on a journey that led him to create the popular YouTube channel, Trek Trendy.

In this article, we will explore Trek Trendy net worth and how much money he earns on YouTube.

Who is Trek Trendy?

Trek Trendy Net Worth: A Look into the Success of a YouTube Channel 3

Trek Trendy is a British YouTuber and travel expert named Will Davis. He is known for his travel and tourist vlogs, which he posts on his YouTube channel.

He started his channel to showcase the reality of what it’s like to fly up front on airlines’ premium products but has since expanded to include luxury rail and cruise content as well. His channel has over 900,000 subscribers and 189 videos.

The Journey of Trek Trendy

Trek Trendy’s story began in 2013 when Will founded He set out to share his experiences with the world because of his love of travel and the allure of discovering new horizons just hours away on a plane.

This led him to create the Trek Trendy YouTube channel, where he aims to entertain and provide comprehensive reviews of First Class, Business Class, and Premium Economy packages in various modes of transport, including planes and trains.

Trek Trendy’s YouTube Success

Trek Trendy
Trek Trendy | I am so excited to be flying further afield in a couple of weeks.

With over 900,000 subscribers and accumulating over 200 million views, Trek Trendy’s YouTube channel has garnered a significant following.

MonthEstimated earnings
14 January 2024$1,597
13 January 2024$1,565
12 January 2024$3,744
11 January 2024$2,411
10 January 2024$3,481
9 January 2024$3,669
8 January 2024$2,725
7 January 2024$3,669
6 January 2024$2,288
5 January 2024$240
4 January 2024$2,325
3 January 2024$3,669
2 January 2024$2,179
1 January 2024$1,141

On average, the channel receives around 200,000 views per day from various sources, generating an estimated revenue of $1,600 per day, which amounts to $585,000 annually, solely from ads displayed on the videos.

How YouTube Ad Revenue Works

YouTube content creators based in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia typically earn between $2 and $12 per 1000 monetized views, after YouTube’s share.

Trek Trendy Youtube ChannelStats
Total Video uploads189
Subscriber907K subscribers
Video views200 million
Estimated Monthly earnings$48,000
Estimated Yearly earnings$585,000

The percentage of monetized views varies depending on the viewer’s location, the device they are using, the season, the ad inventory, the ad engagement, and the type of content.

The cost of an ad view is determined through an auction process, where advertisers bid a minimum of $0.01 per view. Additionally, Google Preferred allows deep-pocketed companies to target ads on the top 5% of the most popular content, resulting in higher ad rates.

Apart from ad revenue, YouTube content creators can also generate income through various other channels, such as:

  1. YouTube Premium: Viewers pay a monthly fee to access premium content on YouTube and watch videos without ads. Videos are monetized based on watch time.
  2. Super Chat and Super Sticker: Fans can connect with creators during live streams and premiers by purchasing Super Chats or Super Stickers. Super Chats highlight the buyer’s comment within the live chat, while Super Stickers feature animated images in the chat.
  3. Super Thanks: Creators can earn revenue from viewers who want to show extra gratitude for their videos. Fans can buy a one-time animation and post a distinct, colourful, and customisable comment in the video’s comment section.
  4. Channel Membership: Eligible creators can offer channel memberships, where viewers pay a monthly fee to access exclusive content and perks.
  5. Shopping: Creators can connect their stores to YouTube and feature their own products, allowing them to earn income through product sales.
  6. Sponsored Content: Trek Trendy has also collaborated with various brands, such as Raycon, Honey, Babbel, Noom, Nord VPN, and SquareSpace, generating additional income through sponsored videos.

YouTube Revenue and Expenses

While YouTube revenue can be substantial, content creators also incur expenses related to creating their content.

These expenses can include production costs, employee salaries, travel expenses, equipment purchases, utilities, amenities, entertainment, subscription fees, and other living expenses. Additionally, with income-based tax brackets, taxes are one of the most significant expenses for most creators.

In the United States, the highest tax rate is 37%, impacting the ability to save, invest, and ultimately grow one’s net worth.

Trek Trendy Net Worth

Considering Trek Trendy’s success on YouTube and the revenue streams mentioned above, Trek Trendy net worth is estimated to be $8 million in 2024.

NameTrek Trendy
Net Worth $800,000
Daily Income$1,600
Weekly Income$11,020
Monthly Income$48,000
Yearly Income$585,000
Trek Trendy net worth

However, it is crucial to note that net worth can fluctuate based on factors such as changes in revenue streams, expenses, investments, and other financial decisions.

Trendy Social media followers

Youtube: 905K subscribers

Facebook: 223K followers

Instagram: 111K followers

Twitter: 2,140 Followers


Who is Trek Trendy?

Trek Trendy is a British YouTuber and travel expert named Will Davis. He is known for his travel and tourist vlogs, which he posts on his YouTube channel.

Will luxury travel trek trendy?

Trek Trendy is a travel expert, and they love luxury travel. His YouTube channel is where he talks about and reviews the best goods from airlines, luxury trains, and cruise lines.

What are the 5 C’s of luxury travel?

The 5 C’s of luxury travel are Culture, Cuisine, Community, Content, and Customization. These principles engage consumers emotionally and physically before, during, and after a travel experience.

What is Trek Trendy net worth?

Trek Trendy’s estimated net worth is estimated to be $8 million in 2024.

What is Trek Trendy’s Monthly Youtube earnings?

Trek Trendy’s Estimated Monthly earnings $48,000.

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