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Civil War movie: trailer, release date, cast, and everything you need to know about Kirsten Dunst’s civil war film

The wait is finally over for fans of dystopian science fiction, as Alex Garland’s new Civil War movie is set to hit theatres on April 26, 2024.

This highly awaited movie imagines the worst possible outcome in the US: various factions break away from the government, starting the second civil war in the country’s history.

With an all-star cast and an exciting plot, the Civil War movie looks like it will be both thought-provoking and exciting to watch.

A Stellar Cast Led by Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunsts talent and dedication have left an indelible mark on the world of cinema 1
Kirsten Dunst’s talent and dedication have left an indelible mark on the world of cinema

Kirsten Dunst stars in the lead role of Civil War, playing a war photographer in a divided nation. This is her first movie since her Oscar-nominated performance in “The Power of the Dog” in 2021.

Dunst is known for her roles in the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man films, “Bring It On,” and her Emmy-nominated performance in Fargo season 2. Her talent and versatility make her a perfect fit for this challenging role.

Also joining the cast is Nick Offerman, who is set to portray the president of the United States in the film. Offerman is beloved for his portrayal of Ron Swanson in “Parks & Recreation” and delivered a memorable performance in the acclaimed TV show “The Last of Us” in 2023.

The cast also includes rising star Cailee Spaeny from “Priscilla,” Wagner Moura from “Narcos,” and Stephen McKinley Henderson from “Dune,” all playing characters who embark on a journey with Dunst’s war photographer.

The Plot: A Race to the White House in a Divided America

Civil War takes place in a not-so-distant future where 19 states have seceded from the US government, plunging the nation into a new era of conflict. The movie explores the race to the White House in an America teetering on the edge of collapse.

Alex Garland, the acclaimed director and screenwriter behind films like “Ex Machina” and “Annihilation,” crafts a gripping narrative that reflects on the consequences of political division and the pursuit of power.

civil war movie

Alex Garland's Sci-Fi Mastery

Director Alex Garland, renowned for his contributions to the science fiction genre, has once again teamed up with A24, a studio known for pushing the boundaries of cinema.

Garland’s impressive portfolio includes mind-bending creations such as ‘Ex Machina’ (2015), the mesmerizing ‘Annihilation’ (2018), and the thought-provoking ‘Men’ (2022). With ‘Civil War’, Garland’s visionary direction is set to take the genre to new heights.

The talented ensemble cast includes Callie Spacey, Wagner Maura from ‘Narcos’, and Stephen McKinley Henderson from ‘Dune’. Jesse Plemons, Dunst’s real-life partner and fellow ‘The Power of the Dog’ Oscar nominee, makes an enigmatic presence as a soldier, guaranteeing a powerful and impressive performance.

More Exciting Releases from A24

Civil war movie

A24, an independent studio recognized for its commitment to producing unique and authentic stories, solidifies its position as a key player in the film industry. The upcoming 2023 movie releases, including ‘Past Lives,’ ‘Talk to Me,’ ‘Priscilla,’ and ‘The Zone of Interest’, have received critical acclaim, further cementing A24’s status.

As they prepare their initial lineup for 2024 releases with Civil War at the forefront, A24 vows to continue delivering innovative and thought-provoking cinema, underscoring their status as a forward-thinking production company. Expect nothing less than exceptional quality from this trailblazing entity that always aims to push boundaries through filmmaking excellence.

Don't Miss the Premiere of Civil War Movie

Mark your calendars for April 26, as Civil War Movie is set to premiere exclusively in theatres nationwide.

Immerse yourself in the gripping tale of a divided America and witness the incredible performances from Kirsten Dunst, Nick Offerman, and the rest of the talented cast.

Be prepared for a thought-provoking and thrilling cinematic experience that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

Civil War Movie: Release Date, Trailer, and Cast

About the movie:

  • Coming soon, Alex Garland will compose and direct the big action Civil War Movie.
  • The movie highlights a divided America at war, where the government turns into a horrible dictatorship and violent political groups regularly do bad things.
  • During this near-future civil war, a family travelling across the United States fights to stay alive.

Release Date: April 26, 2024

Director: Alex Garland


  • Kirsten Dunst as a reporter
  • Wagner Moura
  • Stephen McKinley Henderson
  • Cailee Spaeny
  • Jesse Plemons
  • Nick Offerman as President of the United States
  • Karl Glusman
  • Sonoya Mizuno
  • Jonica T. Gibbs
  • Jess Matney

Production Details:

  • Alex Garland, known for Ex Machina, reteams with A24 for this action epic.
  • Filming began in Atlanta in March 2022 and later moved to London.
  • The film serves as a sci-fi allegory for our currently polarized predicament.


The first video for Civil War Movie has already come out, and it gives you a taste of the intense and exciting storyline.

The release of the Civil War movie is just around the corner, and fans of dystopian science fiction are eagerly awaiting its arrival. With its talented cast, captivating premise, and the visionary direction of Alex Garland,

This film promises to be a standout in the genre. Be sure to catch Civil War in theaters on April 26 and prepare to embark on a journey through a divided America in this thought-provoking and thrilling cinematic experience.

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