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Easing Property Transactions in Delhi: Exploring the New Policy ‘Anywhere Registration’ by the ‘Kejriwal Government’ in Delhi

‘Anywhere Registration’ will allow Delhi properties to be registered at any sub-registrar’s office, Revenue Minister Atishi announced on Thursday.According to her, the policy will reduce queues for property registration, promoting transparency and reducing corruption.

Arvind Kejriwal has approved the policy and sent it to the Lieutenant Governor for notification.Delhi’s Revenue Department has announced that the ‘Anywhere Registration’ policy will be implemented.

What is Anywhere Registration?

The Kejriwal Government in Delhi has implemented a new policy called Anywhere Registration, which allows property owners to register their properties at any Sub-Registrar’s Office in the city, regardless of the property’s location. This replaces the previous practice where individuals were required to visit the designated Sub-Registrar’s Office based on their property’s jurisdiction. With Anywhere Registration, property owners now have the freedom to complete this process at a Sub-Registrar’s Office of their choosing, providing them with convenience and flexibility.

Anywhere Registration policy by the Kejriwal Government in Delhi 1
“Anywhere Registration” policy by the Kejriwal Government in Delhi

Benefits of Anywhere Registration

The Anywhere Registration policy offers several benefits to property owners in Delhi.

  • Convenience: Owners can now register their properties at a Sub-Registrar’s Office of their choice, eliminating the need to travel long distances.
  • Time-saving: Property owners can save valuable time by avoiding long queues and bureaucratic delays at a specific Sub-Registrar’s Office through the Anywhere Registration policy.
  • Flexibility: By allowing property owners to select a Sub-Registrar’s Office based on their preferences, schedule, and availability, the policy makes the registration process more convenient.
  • Reduced paperwork: The goal of Anywhere Registration is to streamline the registration process by reducing the amount of paperwork required, making it more efficient and user-friendly.
  • Uniformity: It ensures that all property owners have equal access to registration services across Delhi by promoting uniformity in the property registration process.

How Anywhere Registration Works

Anywhere Registration involves the following steps and is relatively straightforward.

  • Documents Preparation: The owner of the property must gather the necessary documents for property registration, including proof of ownership, identification documents, and any other relevant paperwork.
  • Selecting a Sub-Registrar’s Office: Kejriwal Government provides a list of designated Sub-Registrar’s Offices for property owners to choose from.
  • Appointment Booking: Property owners must book an appointment online or by calling the designated helpline number once they select the Sub-Registrar’s Office.
  • Visiting the Sub-Registrar’s Office: Property owners must visit the selected Sub-Registrar’s Office at the scheduled time and date with all the necessary documents and complete the registration process accordingly.
  • Payment of Fees: Fees for property registration vary depending on the type, value, and location of the property.
  • Verification and Documentation: The Sub-Registrar’s Office will verify the submitted documents, complete the necessary paperwork, and update the property records accordingly.
  • Issuance of Registration Certificate: The property owner will receive a Registration Certificate upon successful completion of the registration process.

Eligibility for Anywhere Registration

The Anywhere Registration policy is available to all property owners in Delhi, regardless of their property types or locations. Whether it is a residential property, commercial property, or land, individuals can take advantage of this policy to register their properties conveniently.

Important Considerations

Anywhere Registration offers significant advantages, but property owners should keep the following considerations in mind.

  1. Documentation: Documents required for property registration must be accurate and up-to-date. Any discrepancies or incomplete paperwork may cause delays or complications.
  2. Applicable Rules and Regulations: In order to avoid problems with property registration, property owners should become familiar with the rules and regulations outlined by the Kejriwal Government and the Sub-Registrar’s Office.
  3. Fees and Charges: Owners of property should be aware of the costs associated with property registration, such as stamp duty, registration fee, and any other fees.

Impact on the Real Estate Sector

Boost to Property Transactions: It is anticipated that Anywhere Registration will have a positive impact on the real estate sector in Delhi, particularly when it comes to property transactions. The convenience and flexibility of the policy will encourage more individuals to register their properties, resulting in an increase in overall property transactions in the city.

Reduction in Corruption and Fraud: By allowing property owners to register their properties at any Sub-Registrar’s Office, the Anywhere Registration policy aims to reduce instances of corruption and fraud. With a more transparent and accessible registration process, the policy promotes accountability and integrity in the real estate sector.

Ease of Doing Business: Developing Anywhere Registration aligns with Delhi’s government vision of improving business efficiency. By simplifying the registration process and reducing bureaucratic hurdles, the policy creates a favorable environment for property owners and investors, ultimately contributing to the growth of the real estate sector.

Anywhere Registration, a government policy, streamlines business registration in Delhi, reducing bureaucratic hurdles and creating a favorable environment for property owners and investors, boosting real estate sector growth.

The Kejriwal Government in Delhi has introduced the Anywhere Registration policy, aiming to simplify property registration and promote transparency in the real estate sector, thereby enhancing convenience, flexibility, and efficiency in property transactions.

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